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I believe that to being a Chef is not the simple matter of making a career choice, and embarking on a fast-track to a specific goal in a casual manner, misguidedly hoping first for glory or desiring fame

To become a Chef is to approach the endless process with respect and humility, and recognizing that becoming a Chef is not the result of receiving a diploma, but of dedicating your life to your craft. I’ve been in the professional kitchen since I was 14 years old, and I’ve never left it.

I believe that truly great food is not a product of trends, media hype, or passing fashions, but a deep-seated necessity for true civilization, and the ability to create it is not something which is acquired overnight. One should never compare oneself to others, but instead set an internal set of standards which should under no circumstances be compromised. I spent every day of my life continuing to learn, explore, and deploy my decades of experience to innovate new possibilities and experiences for my clients, my friends, and my family. And most important of all, one should never forget or take for granted the rare and true privilege of working every day doing what you love most in the world