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El Gato Azul by Oasis

Starting on May 27, Oasis opens its gates for lunch with special Mexican menu!

El Gato Azul

by Oasis

Hello beloved friends. Oasis / Chef Rima Olvera Is very excited to announce our new adventure, opening May 20,

“El Gato Azul” (The Blue Cat) an authentic Mexico City style tacos and tostadas lunch concept.

The flavors and ingredients are 100% authentic Mexican, not “Tex-Mex”, not “Mexican Fusion”, none of that! El Gato Azul is born from Chef Olvera’s lifetime of immersion in Mexican cuisine, including opening a Mexican restaurant for a Mexican restauranteur more than 25 years ago in SF and endless travels throughout Mexico since youth, and personally trained in rare and unique Mexican cooking techniques by some of the best Mexican chefs. El Gato Azul will serve simple, healthy, and excitingly flavoured dishes that will be perfect for both delivery and take away options, or to eat in Oasis’ beautiful secret garden. “Wolt” will be our delivery company, and they are fast, reliable, and professional. Our opening hours will be Sunday-Friday, 11am-4pm. You’ll shout “Dios Mio!” With happiness when you eat our delicious dishes. And- all our tortillas are handmade by us, 100% Mexican corn, and gluten-free!
And also, we’ll have a soft opening on 14-16 May so you can enjoy 30% off and tell us what you think.

With love from Rima, Thao, Eliav, and El Gato Azul!!!


(each order is 2 tacos or 2 tostadas on our handmade corn tortillas)

Crispy fish, Sergio’s fire-roasted tomato and onion salsa, cabbage salsa, smoked chili aioli.

Carne Asade
Crispy lettuce, Sergio’s salsa, our handmade pickled jalapeños, with or without sour cream.

Achiote Pargiot Chicken
Crispy lettuce, Sergio’s salsa, black beans, sour cream.

Sauteed Mushroom Tacos (Vegan) Sergio’s salsa, onion and oregano salsa, grilled lettuce.

Ceviche Sea Fish
“Pico de Gallo” classic Mexican fresh tomato and lime salsa, coriander (or not!) smoked chili aioli.

Shredded beef salad with mild ancho chili, coriander (or not!)red onions, sour cream.

OTRAS COSAS (other things)

The BEST Ceasar Salad!
(Oh and by the way, it was invented in Mexico)

So good and healthy!
Cucumbers, tomato, celery juice, sweet green peppers, olive oil

Mexican Black Bean Chili
With or without sour cream and red onions
(Vegan/ Vegetarian)

Crispy Corn Nacho Chips
With Sergio’s salsa

“Patatas Bravas”
Fried potato cubes tossed in chipotle sauce (picantè but not really spicy) pimenton Aioli


Mexican Flan with caramel


Hibiscus flower drink

Authentic “Horchata” (cooling rice drink with canela cinnamon and vanilla)

Super strong Bubbles Thai Soda

Our Famous Best Bloody Mary in TLV (only available while eating here)